Kichler 200 Lumen LED Accent

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Kichler’s new and improved 12V integrated LED accent light has the durability you expect with an enhanced modern look, stronger performance and superior light quality.

This updated LED accent uses almost 60% less energy and provides even more light output versus the prior design. Less energy consumption allows more fixtures to be placed on a run while providing the home- owner a system that costs less to operate.

  • High lumens in a small body
  • Custom optics for superb center-to-the edge uniformity 
  • 2.5w / 200 Lm
  • Available beam angle 15, 35 or 60 degree
  • Complete sealed system for improved reliability 
  • Advanced ESD protection 
  • IP66 rated
  • Architectural bronze, Black, Centennial brass finish 


200 Lumen LED Accent Specification Sheet