6×6 Celtic Design – CE® Bollard Light

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The Nightscaping® Estate Series 6×6 Celtic design bollards draw inspiration from the Celtic cross designs that are believed to have originated around the 7th century. Many credit St. Patrick with the creation of the first Celtic cross. It is said that this was done to highlight the importance of the cross in Christian teaching by combining it with the pagan symbol of life (the circle).

The Celtic design displays the archetypal circle and cross pattern in a single row that ascends from the base of the fixture to the top, creating a very uniform but interesting shadow pattern on the adjacent ground and plant material. This design is well suited to the formal garden and could also be used interchangeably with Nightscaping’s St. James design from the Garden and Estate Series.

Heights: 13", 21", 32", 42", 80"

Estate Series Celtic Bollard Specification Sheet