6×6 Mission Design Bollard Light

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The Nightscaping® Estate Series 6×6 Mission design light bollard recalls the old-world days when lanterns were an everyday item. Though primarily used to prevent a burning candle or wick being extinguished from wind or rain, another important function was to reduce the risk of fire. This was especially important below deck on wooden ships. Use of unguarded lights was taken so seriously that obligatory use of lanterns, rather than unprotected flames below decks was written into one of the few known remaining examples of a pirate code, on pain of severe punishment (article VI of Captain John Phillips’s articles). The term used was “lanthorn”, believed to be due to popular etymology, from the early use of horn windows in lanterns. The patterns and look of the Mission landscape lighting fixture are simply beautiful and remind us of those long-gone days of old.

Heights: 13", 21", 32", 42", 80"

Estate Series Mission Bollard Specification Sheet