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Aesthetics are as important as the performance with the LC-6. Hidden in your ceilings with no fear of sacrificing sound quality, these speakers feature technologies usually found in floor standing models but with the ability to disappear into the rooms décor. Level controls ported baskets and toggle mounting are some of the features that make choosing the LC-6 a smart decision. The 6.5” black polypropylene woofer is highly damped and lossy, resulting in smoother high-frequency roll-off, reduced beaming, and exceeding at mid frequencies. A lightweight 0.75” mylar tweeter is used to keep the speaker in budget while not sacrificing the sound.

The paintable frame and micromesh aluminum grill help the speaker virtually disappear into the installation environment, making the speaker a true labor and time saver.

Patent No. US 7,543,681 B2


LC-6 Specifications